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Red Mite

How do I know if there are red mite in my coop?
Red Mite Alert is a simple reusable device for detecting red mite in your chicken coop. Simply attach the device to a perch and check it regularly to detect their presence. For broody hens and nest boxes place the device in the nest box. Red Mite Alert allows continual monitoring for the presence of red mite so any infestations can be treated early.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?
Smite Organic Powder and Diatom are both 100% natural powders and are used on poultry and animals to eliminate internal worms and external parasites such as lice and fleas and to improve their general health. They can be used on all types of poultry as well as horses, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs and cats. They are made from finely ground fossil particles which are microscopically very sharp. These particles scratch through the waxy exoskeleton of insects causing them to dehydrate and die. Diatomaceous Earth does not affect eggs or meat from the birds; there is no egg or meat withdrawal time. It is approved by DEFRA and, although it is classed as food grade, please note it is not intended for human consumption.

How do I use it to kill red mite?
To kill or prevent red mites, dust the ends of the perches and nest boxes regularly to stop the mites getting to the hens when they are perched at night and laying eggs (especially important for broodies as they often get attacked by mites). We do this everytime we clean out the hen house. If red mites are already a problem, hen houses should be thoroughly cleaned with Smite Professional or Poultry Shield before using powders. These are both powerful, concentrated, liquid cleaners for poultry houses. They kill red mite as well as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algi etc. Use occasionally for a thorough clean and, in the case of a red mite infestation, use on a regular basis until the numbers are under control. Simply dilute with water and spray on.


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