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Diatom Organic Powder (Diatomaceous Earth)
Diatom Organic Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) Diatom Organic Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) Diatom Organic Powder (Diatomaceous Earth)

Diatom Organic Powder (Diatomaceous Earth)

Diatom Powder is 100% natural. It controls red mite and other external parasites such as fleas and lice. It's also a natural wormer and general food supplement.

Suitable for poultry, cats, dogs, and horses.
To kill and prevent chicken fleas you can either hold the hen upside down and apply Diatom Powder under the wings or mix it into their dust bath and they apply it themselves - the Diatom sticks by static to their feathers
To kill or prevent red mites, dust the ends of the perches regularly with Diatom to stop the mites getting to the hens when they are perched at night and in the nest boxes where mites tend to hide (especially important for broodies as they often get attacked by mites). We do this everytime we clean out our hen houses.
It also kills any insects - ants beetles woodlice etc. that crawl over it so you could use it on the floor if you have problems with any of these.

To use this powder as a wormer you mix it in with their food - a ratio of 5% Diatom to 95% food is recommended.
Diatom Powder is 100% natural, being made from special finely ground fossil particles. It is totally safe for your hens and the eggs they produce.

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